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Save ancient woodland from National Grid
Save Hunts Common
Save Gondar Gardens from development
Save Forest of Dean from development
Defend marine life in Malaysia
Save New York's Astoria coyote
Say no to night trapping in Wisconsin
Save Wisconsin's rare white deer
Don't let Wisconsin bears be hunted with dogs
Save the rare glider
Protect animals from land clearing in Australia
Stop the grizzly bear hunt in British Vancouver
Ban hunting with drones
Stop poisoning dogs in Grenada and Carriacou
Stop abusing Thai elephants for tourist shows
Shut down tiger safari in Oklahoma
Close down Natural Bridge Zoo
Save Hopefield Sanctuary
Clean water for river otters
Stop Malaysian deforestation
Help temple elephant Ganga
Stop animal trafficking in Bolivia
Save tree kangaroos
Stop "accidental" fox killing by muzzling foxhounds
Save St Ives wildlife habitat
Stop removal of kidnapped baby elephants to China
USFWS: list the African lion as endangered and ban trophy imports
Save Australia's most vulnerable owls
Save bats in Eastern Canada
Save the Philippine Eagle
Say Yes to Rights of Nature -
Value Nature as a Living Being
Say NO to Wolfhunt in Sweden
Make Dolphin Marine Magic comply with exhibition standards
Stop shark finning!
Remove Maroi Conservancy from Facebook for promoting trophy hunting
Save the Icelandic Goat from extinction
Demand China bans all ivory
Close cruel fur farm
Save Bengal Tiger habitat
Stop wildlife poaching in UK
Ban alligator hunting in Palm Beach refuge
Move shipping lanes to protect blue whales
Stop the bobcat fur industry
Stop destruction of tiger habitat
Demand justice for wombats buried alive by logging company
Stop bearbaiting
Tell Sec Jewell to protect wolverines
Save Tasmanian forests
Say NO to "biodiversity offsetting"
Punish man for abuse of tiger cub
Save the blue crowned motmot
Protect endangered black spider monkeys
Stop nicotine testing on monkeys
Keep foxhunters out of Galway wood
Save the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction
Save the London Sealife Penguins
Justice for Bear760 killed by Wyoming Game & Fish
Demand action to save Polar Bears
Save the Dingo
Save the Mexican Volcano Rabbit